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An experienced charity leader and change-maker...

Hi, I’m Kirsty! An experienced charity leader and change-maker who recently joined Metabolic Support UK from my former role as CEO of Transport for All, a charity that campaigns for the rights of disabled and older people in the UK to access public transport.

My background is working with both the public and private sectors to achieve positive, sustained change and to promote the links between better services, well-being and community integration and I’ve also worked for Sense charity, Diabetes UK and Help for Heroes.

I’m a passionate advocate of equitable access for disabled people and those living with long-term conditions and across the arts, cultural, educational, health transport sectors. Prior to moving full-time to charity leadership, I worked as a world expert on disability and culture and worked in Argentina, Singapore and across North America, sharing my Relaxed Performance and Arts Access model.

Listening to and understanding each individual journey...

Hi, I’m Helen and I’m the longest serving member of the team. It’s my role to offer practical and emotional support to families and those living with Inherited Metabolic Disorders.

It’s wonderful to stay in touch too and hear how people are getting along! Within my role, I oversee our Patient Communities programme and bring people together for peer support.

It is a real privilege to be in this position and I have a passionate interest in listening to and understanding each individual journey so we can gain an important picture of how IMDs impact day-to-day lives and identify where change or further support and advocacy work may be required.

Working to ensure people living with IMDs are heard and understood...

Hi, my name is Laura and I am the Head of Insight & Advocacy at Metabolic Support UK. 

I joined MSUK with a background in Health Economics and Outcomes Research. I previously worked for a large research consultancy where I led on a wide range of research projects to help improve patients’ access to medicine.

At MSUK, I continue to lead and conduct research to gain insight into the lived experiences of patients and families affected by IMDs to ensure that their voices are heard and understood in e.g. clinical trials and health technology appraisals. Besides this, I work closely with our team and our corporate partners to elevate the services we provide and extend our reach within the IMD landscape.

Working to elicit change to improve the lives of our communities...

Hi, I’m Jonathan and I work as the Campaigns Lead for Metabolic Support UK.

My background is in genetics and global health and I’ve also worked for the NHS within a busy biomedical science laboratory for over four years undertaking the analysis of samples to ensure you receive the right treatment and diagnosis.

I act as an activist and key partner with our communities to elicit change, utilising policy, data and research to develop creative campaigns with measurable goals to ensure action is taken to improve the lives of people living with inherited metabolic disorders.

Supporting our communities and spreading awareness about IMDs...

Hello, I’m Toni and I’m the Community Lead for Metabolic Support UK.

My background and my passion is in online communities and peer support. Having previously led on Engagement and Moderation for an online mental health service, I recognise the sheer power of accessible support and the importance of making connections with others.

I’m excited to support our communities, spread awareness of IMDs even further, and help share the voices and stories from within our community.

Working in a meaningful way to support our community....

Hi, I’m Pavel and I work with the MSUK as a part of my university placement year.

As an International Relations student, I have experience working in the Governmental sector from my internships at embassies but also with the private sector in the healthcare sector. My background in different sectors enables me to bring a different perspective to the team and to understand the importance of clear communication, quick adaptation, effective cooperation and most importantly, support.

I find the opportunity to work with the MSUK an excellent chance to translate my work efforts in a more than meaningful way while supporting our community.

Working to remove barriers to effective care and treatment for people living with IMDs...

Hi, I’m Michelle and I work as a freelance consultant for Metabolic Support UK working on behalf of a company I founded, called CRD Consulting Ltd.

Originally trained as a nurse, I pursued a successful career spanning two decades in the pharmaceutical industry, spending a significant proportion of this time developing strategies to create improved market access for ultra-orphan medicines. I then further developed my skills by undertaking a masters degree in public policy, which I graduated from in 2019.

Using my knowledge and experience, I work to remove barriers to effective care and treatment for those living with rare and complex conditions and I will use these skills to ensure Metabolic Support UK meets their goals and objectives to help people living with inherited metabolic disorders.

Providing high-level administrative support to the team to help achieve objectives...

Hello, I’m Kerry-Sue, a freelance Virtual Assistant providing Administrative Support for Metabolic Support UK.

With over 25 years of experience in both the public and private sectors, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to working with charitable organisations. My role involves providing high-level administrative support to the team, enabling them to fulfil their roles effectively and achieve their objectives.

I am passionate about contributing to meaningful causes and ensuring operational excellence.

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