Think Ammonia: The Events

Events are important

Over 2024, we’ll be engaging in events to share our communities experience of hyperammonaemia to highlight what issues people living with IMDs face. This will be an excellent opportunity to share the findings of our survey so we can ensure practice is changed to improve outcomes for hyperammonaemia.

Watch this space as we’ll be updating it as we book events throughout 2024!

Think Ammonia: Healthcare professional education session

22nd January 2024

The first event of the year is titled “Think Ammonia!” and is designed to educate healthcare professionals about hyperammonaemia. Within this session, we shared the feedback you gave to our hyperammonaemia survey.

There was also information shared by consultants about how to recognise and manage hyperammonaemia as well as a presentation from a laboratory representative on the pitfalls of ammonia testing to ensure ammonia testing is carried out rapidly and effectively.

This event had 333 registrants and of this number, 211 healthcare professionals attended.

We thank Lucane Pharma for organising and sponsoring this webinar.

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