Meet Megan:
Spotlight on the University of Essex

1st September 2023

We were excited to see Megan Fryer-Kelsey featured in a national campaign highlighting the value of university. Why are we excited? Well, if you’ve interacted with us in the past year, you’ve probably been helped by Megan in some way or another!

Megan joined us for a full-time student placement year whilst studying at the University of Essex and was then employed by MSUK for her remaining year at university as a Projects Assistant. Megan supported many endeavours in her time with us. From things you may have noticed like our annual conference and interviews with the community, through to vital work behind the scenes in a range of project administrations; including our recent research project, Thoughts into Action. 

In this article Megan describes her placement with us a “a real highlight” and we would describe it just as positively. Megan is the first full-time placement year student MSUK has worked with, but she will not be the last. In fact, with Megan leaving us to start her Detective Degree Holder Entry Programme, we have already welcomed another student placement to the team. 

At MSUK we value the opportunity to work with students across all industries. As a small charity, it is wonderful to be able to bring in the fresh views and ideas of the upcoming generation into our work whilst supporting their foray into employment. Though our team may be small, our reach and impact is great. We are an ambitious charity, driven by the passion and care of the team, and the community we support. A placement with us gives someone the opportunity to develop their confidence and all necessary skills for the work environment, whilst being able to take real ownership of meaningful work that makes a difference. 

But you don’t have to take our word for it, read more about Megan’s experience here: 

As we say goodbye to Megan, we are looking forward to a future of limitless potential presented by these relationships! 

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Article by Toni Mees

Hello, I’m Toni and I’m the Community Engagement Officer for Metabolic Support UK.

My background and my passion is in online communities and peer support. Having previously led on Engagement and Moderation for an online mental health service, I recognise the sheer power of accessible support and the importance of making connections with others.

I’m excited to support our communities, spread awareness of IMDs even further, and help share the voices and stories from within our community.

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