The England Rare Disease Action Plan

19th January 2023

New horizons for rare disease

Back in February, 2022, England launched it’s first Rare Disease Action Plan which sets out key actions to improve care and support for those living with rare disorders!

This plan sets out four key priority areas that are:

Ensuring patients get the right diagnosis faster

Increasing awareness of rare diseases among healthcare professionals

Better coordination of care

Improving access to specialist care, treatment, and drugs

But what does this actually mean? We’ve released a video explainer series that explores these priority areas and the actions the Department of Health and Social Care have set to meet them.

Click the button below to learn more:

A black and white headshot of a man with curly hair and a short beard standing in a grassy area with trees visable in the background. The man is wearing a white polo with the top button undone and is smiling slightly whilst squinting at the sun.

Created by Jonathan Gibson

Hi, I’m Jonathan and I work as the Policy and Public Affairs Officer for Metabolic Support UK.

My background is in genetics and global health and I’ve also worked for the NHS within a busy biomedical science laboratory for over four years undertaking the analysis of samples to ensure you receive the right treatment and diagnosis.

As a creative and compassionate individual, this really is my dream job so I look forward to working closely with the team and our community to tell the stories of IMDs to the world.

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