The Research Ready hub

What does it mean to be research ready?

We want to help you understand what research is, how access to medicines works (who makes them, who pays for them) how and why to take part in clinical trials. We want you to feel like you’re ready to participate in a trial, not just because you live with the disorder being researched but because you understand the clinical trial process.

That’s why we’ve put together the “Research Ready Hub” as a central hub of information about access to medicines, clinical trials and opportunities to take part in IMD research.

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Access to medicines: What you need to know

We realise that the terminology used in studies and trials can be complicated so our information aims to explain plainly how access to medicines and clinical trials work. It’s really helpful to hear from people who have direct experience so watch this space for videos from clinicians and our community talking about their experience.

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Take part in research

Are you research ready?

We’ve created a space in which you can access tools to search for clinical trials, access trial-specific information and find other ways to get involved.

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Well…that was a lot of information wasn’t it?

Still unsure about anything or want to chat to us directly about getting involved? Click the button below which will take you through to our contact form. Here, you can fill in the details of your enquiry and a member of the MSUK team will be in touch to help!

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