If you are a Healthcare Professional, we can support the care that you provide to your metabolic patients and families by:

  • Offering advice and information to patients and families via our freephone support line: 0800 652 3181 (Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm) and email enquiry line:
  • Providing patient-friendly disorder information on all Inherited Metabolic Disorders. We also have an app, which is for families that receive a positive diagnosis via the UK Newborn Screening programme;
  • Connecting families with each other to reduce isolation via our Metabolic Connect service;
  • Signposting patients to appropriate local services;
  • Opportunities for patients and families to get involved with the metabolic community via awareness raising campaigns and our Community Ambassador programme;

And much more!

To refer a patient to our services, please click the button below to refer your patient.

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