Blue sky background with white wispy clouds adorning the top left corner of the image. Overlayed is text saying "Supporting people living with Inherited Metabolic Conditions and their communities since 1981". At the bottom right are three graphics of people in a cartoon style. The first is a blind man with glasses and a blue t-shirt, the second is a deaf lady wearing a purple hijab and on the right is a man with a green scarf and blue t-shirt.

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The background is a pale blue overlayed with a white net. </p>
<p>In the centre of the image is the Thoughts into Action cover which says "Thoughts into Action" and has a caption reading "What is quality of life as defined by people living with inherited metabolic disorders?". </p>
<p>The cover also has pale pink and white wavy graphics and an image of three people in the bottom left corner, a man with tattoos, a lady in a wheelchair and a man in a purple t-shirt.

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25th September 2023

We’ve released our Thoughts into Action report which was informed by research into identifying what good quality of life is for our communities, using a methodology that allowed our communities to speak, on their own terms, and for their stories to be meaningfully used to affect direct change.


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The importance of hyperammonaemia awareness

14th September 2023

We’re supporting measures to prevent hyperammonaemia following the death of Rohan Godhania, who died as a result of consuming a protein shake whilst living with undiagnosed ornithine transcarbamylase (OTC) deficiency.

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Meet Megan: Spotlight on the University of Essex

1st September 2023

Megan, a previous placement student has been featured in a national campaign highlighting the value of university!

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